Accountants CPA Chicago Illinois

Update July 24, 2015
Accountants CPA Chicago Illinois

Accounting & Finance in Chicago Illinois

Its not easy to find a reliable CPA Firm in Chicago Illinois. Many clients make the mistake of thinking that the choice is all about the CPA. In actuality, the choice is all about the client.
There are three criterion that your decision should be based upon. They are…
1 – Do you like them?
2 – Can you afford them?
3 – Can they prove that they have the experience necessary to help you?
You have to like your CPA. You need to be able to call this person for just about any reason. This CPA needs to be able to help you and your business through all of the stages of life. If you don’t like them, then you will not call them for help.
You have to be able to afford them. When initially sitting down to discuss your case, they should be able to provide a quotation. If they cannot, its probably because they have never handled a case like yours before. No one needs a surprise. Get a written quotation.
If they have not handled a case like yours before, how do you know that they can help you? Do you really want to pay for their mistakes? Get referrals. Call those referrals. Get comfortable with the situation.
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