Accounting For Nursery School Chicago Illinois

Updated July 21, 2015
Accounting For Nursery School Chicago Illinois
Back in 1990 I picked up my first nursery school client. It was a smaller center, rated for only 39 children, in one of the worst neighborhoods of Chicago. Many years later, I asked the client why she hired me. Her response still makes me grin. She said that I was the only accountant actually brave enough to park his car in that neighborhood and come in to see her.
Originally, her center had significant accounting problems. She had not filed a tax return in two years. Her payroll tax deposits were significantly behind. She needed a loan to purchase a new center, and everyone had turned her down.
A lot has changed since then.
She now has three centers, all rated at 99 students. She just finished a renovation of two of her schools and is now accepting infants. She has gone from being a significant tax compliance problem to a significant tax planning case given her annual profits. But one thing has not changed since I met her. She’s still a great teacher, and she still cares and loves her students.
She cared enough about her center to hire us. It has certainly not been the easiest of accounting jobs, but it has been quite rewarding. We know that we are a part of a team, helping to educate and protect children from some of Chicago’s toughest and most dangerous neighborhoods.
Its been a great twenty-five years.
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