Basic Accounting Procedures Chicago Illinois

Updated July 28, 2015
Basic Accounting Procedures Chicago Illinois

Where do we begin? Capture the evidence. Create a fair accounting of the entity in question. Prepare a tax return inside existing tax law. Document everything.


That’s about a simple as it gets. Of course I am over simplifying a ridiculously complicated process.


Frankly, there’s only one thing that I need clients to do, and that’s to capture the evidence:

  • Keep your receipts.
  • Keep your invoices.
  • Make sure that you have original documentation. If it looks, acts, or even smells like accounting, keep it in its original form.
  • Don’t scan it into a computer. Electronic records are by definition tainted, and therefore are not evidence in the event of an audit.
  • Bank statements, copies of canceled checks, payroll registers, everything should be kept together.


If your return gets examined in an audit, the auditor will want to see the original evidence.

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