Date For Tax Return Chicago Illinois

Updated July 24, 2015
Date For Tax Return Chicago Illinois
Corporation income tax returns are due seventy-five days after the year end of the entity. If you have a C Corp or what is commonly referred to as a regular corporation and the year end of the entity is June 30th, then the tax return is due September 15th. If you have an S Corp with a calendar, or December 31st year end, then the income tax return is due March 15th.

Personal, sole proprietor, partnership, and most estate and trust income returns are due April 15th of the following year as long as the year end of the entity is December 31st.
If the due date of the return falls on a nationally recognized holiday or on a weekend, the next business day will be the due date.

Income tax extensions only extend the date that the paper return is due. It does not extend the date that any payment is due. If you are ultimately going to owe tax then you should make a deposit with the extension.

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