IRS Audit Selection Process Chicago Illinois

Updated August 13, 2015
IRS Audit Selection Process Chicago Illinois

So your business has been selected for audit by The IRS. What do you do now?


Call or e-mail one of our specialists today.


Don’t panic. The Service is only doing its job. They have a responsibility, to make sure that everyone is paying a fair amount of tax. Although our concept of what’s fair, and theirs is probably very different, no one is out to get you.


How the Internal Revenue Service goes about selecting returns to be audited varies with the individual circumstance:


  • There are anonymous “800 numbers” where someone who is upset with you can report you.

  • There is even an IRS Form where someone could have reported you.

Your industry could have been targeted. There are several broad categories of businesses where traditionally clients have broken various income and payroll tax laws.


  • Whoever prepared your return could have done something that “Red Flagged” when it went through IRS Analysis.

  • The accounting firm that prepared your return could have been targeted as a questionable preparer. If the firm was caught helping others cheat on their taxes, then the IRS will probably audit all of the other clients to clean up the situation.

Whatever the reason your business was selected, don’t make the mistake of handling the audit yourself. If you are having problems with the IRS Audit Selection Process Chicago Illinois or have other issues with your taxes, we would love to help. I can be contacted at
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