Small Business Tax Preparation in Chicago Illinois

Small Business Tax Preparation in Chicago Illinois
September 18, 2015
I have an Optometrist who has been a client for the past fifteen years. We’ve taken him through many of the challenges of life. The loss of his wife’s job, helping him to pay for college for his two daughters, and changing the location of his business were all very difficult situations.
But that’s the point. We’ve been there through all of it. Good, bad, or indifferent, we’re there.
I just did his August financial statements and noticed that his profits year to date are down $30K from the same period last year. So I picked up the phone and gave him a couple of recommendations to solve the problem.
He said, “Chris, I never really have to worry because I know that you’re always looking out for me.”
Its really nice to hear a Doctor say something like that to me.
Having a business that does small business tax preparation in Chicago Illinois can be a thankless job. Like any profession, it seems like all you do at times is give people bad news.
But we’ve always tried to be proactive in our approach.
Rather than waiting until the end of the year to tell a client that they just lost their shirt, isn’t it better to talk to them now to see if you can help them do something about it?
When a client starts doing something wrong, like maybe not making their payroll tax deposits, help them deal with it early before it gets out of hand.
It all begins with the monthly bookkeeping. If we weren’t doing that, how could we provide the consultation and tax planning services that have become a hallmark of our good name?
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Chris Amundson is the President of Accounting Solutions Ltd., a full service public accounting firm of Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents handling the bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and audit representation needs of Businesses, Estates, Trusts, and Upper Income Individuals.