Tax Resolution Services in Chicago

irs-audit-help-with-accounting-solutions-ltd.-chicagoTax resolution services are a common service. But do you know what makes certain agencies better at dealing with these important concerns than others? Many scams will try to trick you into paying for tax services that under-deliver, over-promise, and just plain confuse you. What you really need when handling sensitive tax issues is a company that can give you results.

Many of these suspicious companies come under harsh scrutiny and investigation. But this generally comes too late and many people get sucked into their scams before they are brought to justice. The companies may be under legal fire for giving out knowingly false information meant to deceive customers into thinking a solution is close at hand. Companies like this thrive on duping innocent people who need honest help. You should know what to look for so that you never fall prey to scams like these.
What You Need to Know
Legal tax resolution services exist—but you must know the difference between services like these and scammers who make big promises that will only end up costing you time and (more) money. Save yourself the frustration by being aware of promises that seem “too good to be true.”
If a company charges too much upfront, there’s a chance it is a scam. If they are charging thousands for services that over-promise, then they will most likely not be able to keep their side of the deal. They use sneaky, aggressive sales maneuvering to force you to buy services that won’t actually help you by making them sound more capable than they could ever hope to be. If you feel that you have been roped into a high-pressure sales tactic, this should be a huge red flag for you.
Don’t be afraid to be stern in saying “no” to any offer that feels too good to be true. Consult with someone before signing any high-cost agreement and look at things with a level head. It’s easy to let your desperation speak for you. Don’t make impulsive decisions.
Something to look out for is service personnel who avoid meeting you in person, preferring to deal only over the phone. Tax professionals will always offer services face-to-face. We need to know who we are dealing with. We are running a legitimate business and not just trying to pressure you out of your money. Tax problems are often so complicated that you need to meet in person and work everything out carefully.
Anyone who “guarantees” a particular result is probably lying. Tax resolution is complicated. Not every solution is viable or effective. This is just the nature of dealing with owing taxes and other financial issues. So much depends on the IRS’s decision and actions that nothing can be “guaranteed” ahead of time. If a company is “certain” they can keep you from paying an amount to the IRS, they probably don’t know what they are doing. Only the IRS has the power to collect or not to collect.
The Right Solution
There is no quick and easy fix to tax debt relief. Scammers make their money pretending that this is not the case—but the truth is that there is no secret to making a tax debt vanish. The IRS has strict requirements that must be met to even qualify for debt assistance, so no external company can promise to have the power to persuade them, these claims may be false and deceptive.
If you owe $50,000 or less personally, you will automatically qualify for an installment agreement. You can set this up without any external help. Once you fill out the proper forms, you can make regular payments for the next 5-6 years.
Using a Professional
Sometimes professional help and advice is the way to go. A tax attorney or accountant will be familiar with the tax laws and regulations. Generally, someone who does not know where to start or who has  
If you need a tax professional to help with the IRS or any other tax-related issues, be sure to contact Accounting Solutions Ltd. We can get you pointed in the right direction.