Additional Grant Programs Offered By The SBA

Just because the PPP and RRF programs are done, doesn’t mean that the Small Business Administration has stopped doing grants. I’ll be writing the next couple of days about a few more that continue.

First, the EIDL Grant of up to $15,000 is still in place. $28B is still available. I’ve written extensively about this one, so I don’t think that further elaboration is necessary. Additional information can be found at

Billions are still left in the Shuttered Venues Operator Grant. The agency has been slow to process applications. You should get your application in ASAP. Additional information can be found at

Community Navigator Pilot Program

The SBA has a $100M grant named the Community Navigator Pilot Program. This provides grants of $1M to $5M to organizations that provide counseling and networking. Recipients will serve as an informal connection to agency resources helping small businesses navigate a recovery from the C-19 pandemic. Eligible organizations include state and local government, economic development organizations, and non-profit colleges and universities.

It’s too bad that I can’t sign up for this one.

Rural Innovator Stronger Economy Grant Program

The Department of Agriculture is offering grants of up to $2M to build new businesses and create high paying jobs in rural areas. The grant money can be used to build or support a business incubator, provide worker training to create new jobs, or to train existing workers in higher paying jobs.

There’s a few more that I will write about on Wednesday.

Let me leave you with this.

As businesses ask their workers to return, many are finding significant difficulties with rehires being addicted to drugs or alcohol.

I’ve had conversations with many of you talking about how your applicants are consistently failing their drug tests. Others will be hired, coming into work still drunk, putting entrepreneurs in a position where they must terminate the new hires immediately.

Personally, I had an ad out for a junior bookkeeper earlier this year and called in a person who looked great on paper. They showed up 2.5 hours late for the interview. I don’t hire anyone who’s late to begin with, but this one was high as a kite.

This was a first for all my years of practice.

Addiction issues with workers are going to be one of the lasting effects of the pandemic. It just wasn’t healthy for people to be cooped up in their homes for a year or more. Many were unable to get the help they needed because treatment facilities were also closed.

Finding good people has always been difficult, but now it seems almost impossible.

Workers now want to tell us that because the sale and consumption of marijuana is legal, that we have to tolerate it as well. Can you actually imagine your books being done by someone who was stoned? Ridiculous.

No matter what’s happening in society and no matter how difficult it becomes, we must maintain our standards of quality and professionalism. I don’t see these problems getting any easier any time soon. This is just something else we’re going to need to fight through.

We’re all going to get through this. Let’s get through it together.

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