EV Buyers Get Immediate Tax Credit

Beginning in 2024, purchasers of qualified electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will receive the US Government Income Tax Credit at the time of purchase. Prior to this, purchasers couldn’t claim the credit until they filed their income tax returns. Under the Inflation Reduction Act, these credits can be transferred to the dealer and used to reduce a purchase price.

These credits can be up to $7,500 for a new vehicle and $4,000 on a used model. The government is doing this to boost sales on these vehicles.

Please don’t think that this is automatic. In order to qualify, the following criterion must be met.

1 – The electric vehicle or plug-in must have been manufactured in the US under the qualifications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

2 – New SUV’s, vans, and trucks must have a sticker price below $80,000.

3 – New automobiles must be priced below $55,000.

4 – Used vehicles can’t have a tag above $25,000.

5 – If single, the buyer must have an income below $150,000 in either the year of purchase or the year before.

6 – If married, that income level becomes $300,000 on an MFJ.

7 – Head of Household filers must have earned less than $225,000.

Taxpayers who qualify can take the credit regardless of how much income tax they may owe either at the time of purchase or when they file their return. But if you take the credit at the dealership and don’t qualify, you’ll be forced to pay it back when your returns are filed. Given this fact, I can already see how this is going to turn into a nightmare for many.

Buyers wanting to get their financing down will say just about anything to qualify for a loan. Unscrupulous car salesmen will also say anything necessary to earn a commission.

Of course, it’s left up to the lowly tax accountant to properly enforce the law and tell that taxpayer the bad news at tax time. Isn’t this going to be fun.

Let me leave you with this.

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