From Tragedy To Triumph Back To Tragedy

When you think of this year, what will come to mind?

Will it be how the year began, with everything shut down? Will it be the middle, where things began to approach a new normal? Or will it be now, when a new variant is surging, with all of the implications that it entails?

Will we think about record inflation? An exit from Afghanistan that was, shall we say, less than ideal? Workers who don’t want to work, or a new administration and congress that can’t get anything done?

I’m writing this, and only thinking about one thing. Fatigue.

This war has been long and hard. We’ve all taken casualties of one sort or another.

There are those we lost; the honored dead. We must keep them in our hearts, knowing that they’re in a better place. Many lost their businesses Many lost employees that couldn’t be replaced. Many have lost clients.

Battle fatigue is a real thing. Any army that has the best equipment, superior numbers, and the high ground, will lose the battle if they don’t have the will to win.

The morale of any company starts at the top. That’s you and me. You have to take care of yourself first.

I know this runs contrary to reason. As Entrepreneurs we always think of others first, instinctively. That’s what makes us good at our jobs.

But these aren’t normal times. This war has already gone on too long, and there’s no end in sight.

Maintaining your mental health is paramount, if you’re going to be able to lead.

Spend some time this long weekend, booking a few vacations for next year. Notice how I said booking, rather than thinking about or planning. Get out of town. We all need time away from the front.

Make a conscious effort to spend time with friends and family. Go to dinner or down to the lakefront. Schedule regular times to feed your soul.

Put your arms around your significant other. Let them know how much you love them. Don’t ever forget that they’re going through this nightmare too.

If you have children or grandchildren, keep them in the equation. Sometimes we forget that our youngest are the most vulnerable. Talk to them. See how they’re doing. Reassure them. Let them know that no matter what happens, they can always lean on you.

But don’t ever forget to take care of yourself. If you don’t, you won’t be able to lead.

Let’s all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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