Many Are Giving Up Hope In This Pandemic

I spoke to a long-term entrepreneur over the weekend. Her business has been partially shut down since March. Financially, it’s a disaster. She’s been a successful entrepreneur for almost forty years, and had almost completely given up hope.
As this pandemic drags on, this is one of the primary things that we all must guard against.
This is difficult for all of us. Spending too much time in your home rather than your business, isn’t easy. Beating your head against the wall, trying to bring in business that just isn’t there, doesn’t help. The political climate with Congress not providing any additional aid, is also exhausting.
But we can’t give in to fear.
It’s obvious that we are going to be in this for a lot longer. Whether we are lucky enough to get a vaccine in place by the end of this year, the middle of 2021, or maybe not at all, the cycle we find ourselves in will be here for a while.
You cannot give up hope. You need to hang in there, wake up every morning, and get it done. I know what I’m asking. This isn’t easy for anyone, but please realize that there will be a payoff.
Bad economies can be good for individual businesses. As your competitors fall by the wayside, you will be able to pick up their customers and market share. Also, these trying times are teaching all of us a new way to do business. Whether it’s e-commerce, zoom, or just a new offering, this has forced us to change. Much of that change will last past the pandemic, providing profits for years to come.
Hang in there my brothers and sisters. There are lessons to be learned, benefits to be had, and profits to be taken.
Let me leave you with this one thought.
A story on the AP Wire this morning talked about how the West Coast is on fire and the East Coast is underwater. Continuing climate change has created dry conditions in the west, leading to forest fires. The east keeps getting drenched by mega rain events, many being caused by hurricanes.
I have rarely been so happy to live in the Midwest. Here, we are shielded from many of those ill effects.
The article went on to say that this dichotomy was a simile for the current political climate.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be back in the center of that again? Wouldn’t it be nice if the name-calling, the dirty politics, and rhetoric suddenly ended?
Am I being too altruistic? Maybe.
But I can remember a time in America, and especially here in The Bend, where a person who didn’t agree with you or your politics wasn’t your enemy. They were your brother.
I can remember a time when people realized that people were going to be of different faiths. That just because a person didn’t believe as you did, they weren’t your enemy. They were your brother.
I can remember a time when we were taught to help and care for one another. It was a time when doing anything less was being un-American.
I know it’s hard to imagine, but we actually used to talk to each other and work out our differences.
When is everyone going to again realize that we’re all in this together? There isn’t your side or mine. This is a we thing. The cold war is over. America has no enemies left, other than ourselves.
At the end of the day, try to realize that we’ve only got each other.
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