The New Face Of Domestic Terrorism

The Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST), a politically independent research team at the University of Chicago, has done extensive research on the individuals who stormed the capital in the January 6th Attack. CPOST specializes in providing non-partisan data on government threats to the White House and Congress. Their past work has focused on suicide terrorism, domestic ISIS recruitment, and the George Floyd Riots.

This new study, which is on-going, interviewed over 700 of the individuals who’ve been arrested for breaching the Capitol. Their research focused on the following issues.

1 – Was force justified to overturn the 2020 election results?

2 – Was the 2020 election stolen?

3 – Were the insurrectionists being patriotic in their actions?

4 – Whether or not the respondent agreed with the massive conspiracy theory of QAnon?

5 – And whether or not the respondent believed in the great Replacement Theory? This is the idea that Democrats are enabling immigrants and other people of color to outnumber and seize the rights of White Americans.

Their findings thus far is frightening, and include the following.

a – Almost 90% of those arrested had no ties to existing far-right organizations, white-nationalist gangs, or other established violent organizations.

b – 51% of those arrested were entrepreneurs or individuals holding white collar jobs.

c – More than half of the arrestees came from counties that Biden won.

d – 15% of those arrested were veterans.

In further research, it’s been determined that between 7% and 8% of all Americans (around 20M), believe that the 2020 election was stolen and that force is justified to restore Trump to office.

Let me leave you with this.

As I read the results of this ongoing study, I sat there with my mouth open.

I’d always presumed that the majority of the insurgents were members of the Proud boys or other fringe right-wing groups that lived out in the hills somewhere and weren’t a part of American Society. This new research actually says that they were mostly middle Americans.

These were the people that you see at the grocery store or at the mall on weekends. They were the people down the street whose children play with yours. Outside of this act of unprecedented violence, they were just regular Americans.

The implications are staggering.

The research further stated that the major motivation of the insurgents taking over the Capitol was Replacement Theory. That the arrestee’s on-going fear that their rights were being stifled by immigrants and other people of color actually justified and even warranted their disparate acts.

Is this really happening? Have things denigrated to this degree?

We all know that our American Democracy is as divided as it has ever been. The last time the poling numbers on division were this far apart was right before the Civil War. Other studies have shown that 30% of all Americans believe that there will be another civil war in their lifetime. What can any of us do to stop this?

We can lead.

As Entrepreneurs, people listen to us. Rather than spreading the fear and division of separatist politics, we can all be that steady hand at the wheel that preaches stability and people coming together as one.

Be that one person in the crowd that says it’s okay for you to disagree with me. That this doesn’t make you my enemy. It actually makes you my Brother.

For we are all Americans; red-blooded, God fearing members of our great Land of Liberty.

We need to come together as the family that we are. More division will only lead to catastrophe.

We’re all going to get through this. Let’s get through it together.

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