U.S. Birth Rate Sees Largest Decline In 50 Years

U.S. Birth Rate Sees Largest Decline In 50 Years

Data shows that birth rates in the U.S. fell by 4% in 2020, which runs contrary to reason. Everything was shut down for months.

If anything, one would think there would be a huge uptick in births. For many with nothing but time on their hands, what else was there to do?

The birthrate then increased by only 1% in 2021, which was still 86,000 fewer births than before the pandemic. At that point, the lower birth rate numbers became a trend.

Recent research trying to understand the phenomenon found that the largest declines were among the Gen Z and Millennial Populations. Their reasons for not wanting to have kids fell into two distinct categories.

1 – Given the problems we’re having with climate change, many think it would be irresponsible to bring children into the world given the problems we could be having in 30 or 40 years.

2 – Financial concerns topped the list of many. When you look at the problems many are having affording the basics of life, they aren’t in a hurry to add the financial responsibilities of children.

This has become such a concern, that many in these age categories are going to the extreme measure of having their tubes removed or getting a vasectomy.

The last couple of years have brought an unbelievable amount of change. It makes me wonder what our country will look like in a decade.

Let me leave you with this.

When I read this study, it broke my heart. I kept trying to remember what I was worried about back in my twenties.

One thing is for sure and for certain. I wasn’t worried about climate change. If anything, I would have been happy if our winters could’ve been a little warmer.

The financial issues were another thing altogether. Money was certainly tight. My company was brand new and we didn’t have the proven track record of success that we now enjoy.

But when things became difficult, I just found someone who wanted to buy my product. I got it done. My point is that it was tough but not hopeless.

If these generations are making permanent changes to their reproductive systems, it means that they literally have no hope in the future. It means that they have no hope in the planet’s regenerative powers, and no hope that their financial futures will brighten.

This is what broke my heart. My daughter’s generation no longer believes in the American Dream.

Maybe I’m just too old to get it, but we really do live in a wonderful world that’s filled with opportunity. It may be harder than it was back in the nineties, but it’s not impossible.

If I did it, so can anyone else.

Was it easy. Hell no. It still isn’t. But I get up in the morning, go to work, and try every day to do the best work of my career.

What ever happened to the Protestant Work Ethic? What ever happened to the concept the hard work was worthwhile? What ever happened to the concept of hope?

Success is still out there. I’m telling you, it is. But just like everyone else, you’ll have to work for it. No one’s going to give it to you.

Isn’t that what entrepreneuring is all about? Be the master of you fate. Control your future.


We’re all going to get through this. Let’s get through it together.

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