Can the IRS audit you two times in two years Chicago Illinois

Can the IRS audit you two times in two years Chicago Illinois

Certainly. There is no restriction in between years. If an IRS Audit has been finished and closed out on one year, they cannot audit the same year twice under the rules of double jeopardy. But they certainly can audit consecutive years individually.


Please understand that the Internal Revenue Service is charged with collection of a fair amount of income tax on behalf of the Federal Government. In many ways, they work like a collection agency. Like any collection agency, they try to operate in a business like manner. If they audit you and don’t collect either much or anything, they probably aren’t going to come back the next year. There just wouldn’t be any way that they could justify the the expense of the auditor’s time.


If, on the other hand, they audit you and collect a substantial amount, why wouldn’t they come back the second year? If they made money the first year, and you didn’t do anything to substantially change your situation like change accountants, the presumption would be that you made the same mistakes as before. And if you made the same mistakes again, then they will probably once again collect a substantial amount to justify their time.


Today, most audits are not random. There still is some random auditing that occurs, but most audits are triggered by something. What I’m trying to explain is if you are audited, and they collect a larger number, then something needs to change. If you don’t make those changes, there is a reasonable chance that they will be back. Many times the change necessary is a better accountant.


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