IRS Tax Problems – Small Business Accountant Chicago Illinois

June 3, 2015
Some of the most challenging issues we handle as small business accountants in Chicago are IRS Tax Problems. These issues come in many shapes and sizes, But primary among them are unpaid payroll and income tax problems. New clients coming into the firm consistently make the same mistakes.
If you are contacted by a Revenue Officer, you do not have to handle this yourself.
Your most basic right as a taxpayer is the right to representation. You don’t know what you are doing. Why would you possibly try to represent yourself? Tax problems are a lot like a lawsuit. The IRS is trying to collect a tax and will always do what is in their best interest hopefully while operating inside the law. You certainly need someone to represent you that has the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your interests.
If you have an outstanding lien, things will normally get worse.
A lien is only part of the collection process used by the taxation agencies. Once a lien has been established, its not the end of what will occur. Normally a levy of one or more of your bank accounts will follow in the agency’s process of trying to collect an outstanding tax.
If you have been levied once, it will probably happen again.
If you have been levied and you still owe more tax, they will probably levy the account again. Unless there wasn’t anything in the account in the first place, they would be fools not to try to collect more. Being levied once doesn’t mean that it is over. In many instances, it means that the situation will continue.
There are many legal and reasonable solutions to IRS Tax Problems. You certainly need a small business accountant with the proper experience and knowledge to provide representation. You also need to listen to that representative.
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