Chicago IRS Representation

September 30, 2015
Chicago IRS Representation
Over twenty years ago, I worked my first Chicago IRS Representation case. As I walked into the Kluczynski Federal Building for the first time, I had on my best blue suit and a crisp white shirt. In order to go upstairs, you have to go through security. So I put my audit bag on the x-ray machine and walked through the metal detector. There was an older, Chicago Policeman manning the security checkpoint. I must have looked rather nervous. So he asked, “Kid, where are you headed.” I told him that I was going up to the IRS. I’ll never forget his answer.
He said, “Take that elevator up to 16. Follow the trail of blood and tears. You can’t miss it.”
He was more right then you hopefully will ever know.
The IRS offices in downtown Chicago are difficult in the extreme. Chicago is a tough town. Our IRS Agents and Revenue Officers are no different. Chicago is a political town. Our IRS office is no different. But Chicago is no different than any other town. Here we take care of our own.
And if your going to get a break, you need to be seen as one of us.
Don’t hire someone with a suburban address that walks into an audit wearing a Cardinals t-shirt. Don’t hire someone with a strange accent accent that went to some East Coast Liberal Arts College. Don’t hire someone that looks like they had problems finding parking for their John Deere.
Our’s is a town of insiders. Your case will go much more smoothly, if you hire one of us.
Whether your case is an audit, or a problem in tax collection, you need someone who not only knows the law but the players. If it is a collection matter, there are several options. Whether it is an Offer in Compromise, Payment Plan, or a matter of getting the Service to properly apply your prior payments, we can help.
If you are having problems with your Chicago IRS Representation or have issues with your accounting in general, we would love to help. I enjoy hearing from my readers, and can be contacted at
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Chris Amundson is the President of Accounting Solutions Ltd., a full service public accounting firm of Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents handling the bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and audit representation needs of Businesses, Estates, Trusts, and Upper Income Individuals.