A Message From Our President

We find ourselves in trying times.
The order signed by our Governor shuttering most businesses and ordering us to shelter in place is a hardship to so many on so many levels.  Many have businesses that were not doing well before this began.  Many have businesses that don’t work well in a virtual environment.  No matter what your individual circumstance happens to be, unless you are operating a gun store or a toilet paper factory, this probably isn’t a great thing for you, your family, or your business.
Everything that we see or hear is a constant and ever-present reminder of that hardship.  You can’t turn on a television, go on social media, or even go outside to the now empty streets, without even so much as a hint of what is happening.
Fear surrounds us.  Whether we are afraid for our businesses, or keeping our families safe from infection, let’s not act like there isn’t a genuine cause for fear.  The fact that there is no end currently in sight, only exacerbates the problem.
But in these trying times, we entrepreneurs need to step up.  Entrepreneurs are the bedrock of any civilized society. What would exist without us?  We provide the products, services, and jobs that make civilization possible.  Without us, we would all still be living in caves, and that entrepreneurial spirit has never been more necessary than it is today.
This will pass.  I began what would ultimately become Accounting Solutions Ltd. on November 15th of 1990.  I was a twenty-four year old kid with $6,600 in his jeans and a business plan written on the back of a matchbook. Eight weeks after I began, our armed forces invaded Kuwait and Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.  America stopped cold in its tracks.  The only thing that anyone did for a month was watch CNN.  They certainly weren’t interested in talking to me about my start-up.  The environment that I was operating in could not have possibly been worse for a young boy starting a business, but we got through it.  We got through it and we prospered.
Never forget that this too shall pass, and that how you get through it will have everything to do with how you address it.
If you allow fear to control you and your actions, then you will not do well.  Be strong and resilient having faith in our shared future.  Your customers, your employees, and your suppliers need  a reassuring, strong hand at the helm.  Your family, your friends, and your community need you to be that shining beacon of hope in the storm. 
Leadership is everything in difficult times,  and Entrepreneuring is certainly the job of being a true leader.
My business, Accounting Solutions Ltd., will remain open during this shut down.  The order signed by our Governor requires “Essential Businesses” to remain open.  Professional Firms and Financial Institutions as defined by the order, are considered “Essential”.  But we will do so in a responsible manner, not allowing any in-person meetings by our current or potential clients.
Our state has shut down businesses, but has done absolutely nothing to change or ease our taxation burdens.  No taxation rates, due dates on returns, or payment due dates have changed in the Income, Payroll, or Sales Tax Systems.  The Federal Government has made changes to help us, but The State of Illinois has done absolutely nothing in these trying times.  They have shut down our businesses, but still expect their money paid timely and completely.  Any of you that know me, know that I am fond of saying that, “Taxation is neither reasonable nor fair.”  This is certainly more true now than ever before.
Accounting Solutions Ltd. remains open and true to our mission.  We will continue to protect our clients, their families, and their businesses.  If you need help, or even if you would just like to have someone to talk to, we stand ready.
As we go through these difficult times, try to make the most of it.  I was able to play a game of chess with my daughter yesterday, while she is home from DePaul.  I even handled some of the things on my Honey-Do-List.  Enjoy your families, reassuring them that they are safe, loved, and respected.
Be the Entrepreneurial Leader that you were born to be.  Be the calm in the middle of the storm that your family needs.  Have the strength and the courage necessary to control and influence your destiny.
Help to lead our community to a better tomorrow.  I remain,
Sincerely yours.
Chris Amundson
Accounting Solutions Ltd.