Small Business Tax Accountant in Chicago Illinois

September 1, 2015
Small Business Tax Accountant in Chicago Illinois
I just had a meeting with a brand new client. They were referred into us from an existing client. (I love referrals.) The point is that the new client’s story though tragic, is now commonplace.
I just showed then how they can save $11,000 on their 2015 tax liabilities.
The tragic part is that they could have saved this sort of money all along. Their current accountant had no idea. He simply had no idea.
I’m not talking about anything fancy. Nothing even the least bit aggressive. Just good, old-fashioned small business tax accountant work. Solid bookkeeping. Solid accounting. Solid tax planning. Solid tax savings.
They don’t teach you this stuff in school. It just takes a lot of years of doing it, to properly understand.
My new client just looked at me and said, “I knew that something was wrong. I had no idea what it was, but it just seemed as if something was lacking.” And there was.
How many times have I heard the same thing? How many times have I seen new clients figuratively kick themselves because they didn’t call me sooner?
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