Celebrating 20+ years of helping small businesses in Chicago

I was amazed because new tech startups can be financially tricky and rather complex but your team has done wonders in making this area of my business much easier to deal with.

Michael Liuzza, President and Founder, Cinepod, Inc

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Accounting Solutions

Accurate and precise financial statements are the key to financing and tax savings. We’ll protect your business, save you time and save you money.

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Tax Preparation

Every year, we complete hundreds of Unfiled Income, Payroll, and Sales tax returns for clients just like you.

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Meet our Team

Our method is to build a strong relationship with you, with ethics, trust, teamwork, and accountability as the foundation.

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I strongly recommend Accounting Solutions to any business looking for dependable,
creative and accurate accounting services.

Marc S. Rosenbaum, President, MSR Advertising, Inc