Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

Whether you’re buying or selling a business, Accounting Solutions Ltd. can help.

M&A transactions get more complicated by the day. Having a trusted source for verifiable information can save you enormous amounts of money.

The Buy Side

1. If you’re purchasing a business, we’ll need to go through the last couple of years at least, on the businesses tax returns to separate fact from fiction. Doing this due diligence will normally provide a wide variety of results.

2. We may decide that this isn’t a good investment. We also run into situations where the Seller is trying to hide something not wanting to provide the information we need to make an informed decision.

3. If the tax returns and financial statements come out well under examination, this may be an investment that has potential.

4. The due diligence may also uncover areas where the current management of the entity is doing a poor job of controlling costs or marketing their product. As such, the investment, if managed correctly, could turn out even better than originally expected.

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