Entrepreneurs are a special breed. Normal rules don’t apply. We have different problems and opportunities than the rest of the world.

Accounting and Tax Work

Since November of 1990, we have specialized in the unique needs of Entrepreneurs and their endeavors. You won’t find another organization better at the preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements and the proper completion of auditable Income, Payroll, and Sales Tax Returns.


Our online payroll service allows for the proper coordination of payroll and accounting functions under one roof saving you time and money.

Tax Planning

Consulting with Entrepreneurs to legally reduce and plan for taxes has always been one of our strengths.

Tax Representation

If necessary, we’re licensed at the Federal Level in all 50 states and can handle any and all of your examination needs.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We have an entire division whose only function is to provide the best possible customer service.

Whatever your accounting and tax needs happen to be, we can help. Click on the Sign Up button and fill out the attached form so that we can begin providing your Accounting Solution.

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