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Some (More) Changes To Expect This Upcoming Tax Season

Do you know anyone who gets genuinely excited around tax season? Excited as in genuinely ecstatic to tread through the ever-changing deductions and tax rate schedules that are updated annually? If so, they are almost certainly an accountant! While ‘excitement’ … Continue reading

Changes To Deductions, Brackets, and Exemptions That May Affect You This Coming Tax Season

Being one of Chicago’s top sources for tax advice is something that isn’t easy. With a new government in place, constantly shifting rates, and a number of other obstacles, our dedicated CPAs work hard to ensure that all of our … Continue reading

Tis The Season: Business Tax Planning Guide to Prepare for Your 2017 Federal Income Tax

With the 2017 tax season around the corner, it is the time of year where we at Accounting Solutions Ltd. witness a familiar yuletide pattern among entrepreneurs in Chicago. Is is important at this time of year to try to … Continue reading

3 Small Things that Can Make or Break A Small Business

Operating a small or mid-sized business is far from easy. Accounting Solutions Ltd. has always provided impeccable customer service to our loyal base of clients. In order to further our mission, we have put together some brief ideas that can … Continue reading

Looking Up: How Your Small Business Can Benefit by Acting Like a Big One

When it comes to business, one can make the argument that size is everything. As a company expands, it will undoubtedly undergo a metamorphosis that will distinguish itself from it’s freshmen class of competitors. Once this progression occurs, making comparisons … Continue reading

Small Business, Big Economy: Five Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve When Wall Street Starts Going Down

With the never-ending ups and downs of the economy, the stereotypes of stockbrokers on Wall Street are far from surprising. While the window jumping, hair ripping, and self destructive shenanigans of brokers may seem something far removed from the world … Continue reading

Accounting: A Beginners Guide for Small Business Owners

The words ‘small’ and ‘business’, when used together in a sentence, can be deceiving. The reason for this lies in the fact that the word ‘small’ often procures an image of simplicity. In other words, a small business is one … Continue reading

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Hired an Accountant

It is a grim reality that business owners try to take on too much responsibility when growing their companies. Whether its a lack of funds, planning, or vision, one must exercise caution when launching themselves into the bustling business market. … Continue reading

Four Big Mistakes That You Can Make When Handling Your Business’ Finances

Accounting can be tiring and tedious work. Crunching numbers can take up too much of a business owner’s time. Many times their efforts are less than fruitful, hence the need to retain a CPA. Often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why Hiring a CPA Can Benefit You and Your Business

Managing a business, big or small, is undeniably a tough job. Whether you are running an enterprise with a staff of five, or launching a franchise with a number of locations nation-wide, there are many challenges that must be faced … Continue reading