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Tax Brackets And You: How Will The New GOP Bill Influence The 2018 Tax Season?

With his larger-than-life personality and disregard for the status quo, it is impossible to deny that Donald Trump is one of the most divisive political figures throughout the history of our country. Like him or not, as president he has … Continue reading

Food With A Price: Breaking Down Chicago’s Hefty Restaurant Tax

When it comes to food, Chicago has a long and varied history. From deep-dish pizza to classic style hot dogs, there are few American cities that embrace historical diversity and a love for delicious casual cuisine quite like Chicago. Those … Continue reading

Meet The ‘South Side Squad’: How Chess Is Keeping Young People In Check And Inspiring Accountants Everywhere

Chicago is a busy city for busy people. With years of experience helping small business owners thrive in their respective fields, Accounting Solutions Ltd. can certainly attest to the fact that our city is certainly a contender for the title … Continue reading

Chicago Tax Hikes 2018: What You Need To Know

2017 was an interesting year for us. While continuing to diligently serve the people of Chicago, we here at Accounting Solutions Ltd. bore witness to a series of tax hikes and escalations that were met with much public uproar. From … Continue reading

What Is Up With Chicago’s Property Taxes? Accounting Solutions Ltd. Explains The Changes And How They May Impact You

Understanding the ins and outs of Chicago’s tax system is an ongoing process that has certainly kept Accounting Solution Ltd.’s dedicated CPA’s hard at work over the past few decades. Every year we experience a number of changes that alter … Continue reading

What’s New? Tax Changes To Watch Out For This Upcoming Season

Readers, friends, acquaintances, and business partners, it appears that another year is upon us. Although it has felt as if we’ve hardly had a chance to blink since January 2017, 2018 has arrived. Over the past few years, we here … Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Some Of Illinois’ Tax Changes And How They May Affect You This Upcoming Tax Season

If there is one thing that we value at Accounting Solutions Ltd., it is feedback from our clients. Some of the most positive comments that we have received revolve around our commitment to keeping our customers up to date with … Continue reading

The Great American Tax Giveaway

You may have noticed that almost overnight, dozens of Quickie Income Tax Service Stores have re-opened for business with the beginning of tax season. Most of these are in Chicago’s most impoverished neighborhoods and suburbs. Have you ever asked yourself … Continue reading

IRS Creates Further Time Extension For Portability Election- What It Means (And How It May Affect You)

Nothing can exacerbate a stressful situation more than being encumbered with the rules and statutes of the IRS. We have dealt with clients who have had to totally re-arrange their lives in order to conform to the taxation standards being … Continue reading

Simple Math, Powerful Messages

Why Ratios Are Key To Understanding How Your Business Operates   To the casual, uneducated observer, answering the question ‘how’s business?’ should be a relatively easy task. Just observe the bottom line, determine if profits are going up, and prepare … Continue reading