Tax Accountant Ethics Chicago Illinois

Updated July 22, 2015
Tax Accountant Ethics Chicago Illinois
Ethical responsibilities and duties of accountants and CPAs to the public interest

We are the watchdogs that maintain the veracity of the entire financial system of America.

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Whenever there has been a major nightmare in our financial system, it generally occurred because of a lack of tax accountant ethics. That job is the fair and unbiased reporting of financial results to the general public and various taxation authorities. If you are questioning the accounting ethics of your CPA or accountant, then it is time for you to call our offices.


We have a responsibility to protect our clients. We do that by making sure that they are in compliance with the various Federal, State, and Municipal Tax Laws. We need to know the laws and rules so that we can utilize the laws in the favor of our clients while still protecting them. The only thing that sets us apart from one of our counterparts working in a corporation, is our independence. If a client asks us to do something that is wrong we have an ethical responsibility to be smart enough to protect the client by saying no. We also must maintain the proper independence so that this can be accomplished.


If you in any way question the ethical responsibilities of your accountant, then you should change professionals immediately. Unethical accountants always get caught. If the IRS audits one of the returns that they prepare, and find that the accountant aided in the perpetuation of a fraud, what happens? Many times the IRS will audit every one of their clients, knowing that if the accountant did it once, they probably cheated for many others. You have no idea how dangerous it is to stay with an accountant that has questionable ethics. Having a preparer that commits ethics fraud is the easiest way for you to end up paying tons of additional tax, interest, and penalties in addition to paying someone to represent you in the audit.

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