Consulting for and Preparation of The Employee Retention Credit

Accounting Solutions Ltd. can assist your company, if appropriate, through the process of claiming the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) on your payroll.

This refundable credit is for specific quarters in 2020 and 2021. The ERC has been amended on three separate occasions after it was originally enacted as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities Act (CARES Act) in March of 2020.

Given the fact that you cannot claim this credit on the same payrolls used for PPP Loan Forgiveness, and that it cannot be claimed for 50% or greater owners or their family members, our program includes the consulting and accounting services necessary to exclude the proper payrolls to ensure accurate compilation.

Our intention is to create a system of credits, if you qualify, beginning on any available payroll in 2020 going through the appropriate quarter of 2021.

Phase One: Consultation
– Making sure that an entity qualifies for the credit under current government guidelines
– Getting information on PPP Loan disbursements and forgiveness
– Putting together a plan encompassing all of the potential Employee Retention Credits from the beginning of the pandemic through the end of the appropriate quarter in 2021

Phase Two: Preparation
– Completion of Form 941 or Form 941X, as is necessary, given your particular facts
– Completion of all necessary worksheets including Worksheet 1, Credit for Qualified Sick Leave and Family Wages and the Employee Retention Credit
– Completion of Form 7200 Advanced Payment of Employer Retention Credits Due to Covid – 19

We will provide all of the necessary forms and back up materials.

Phase Three: Amendments (If Necessary)

– Monitoring the process and continuing support as needed
– In any cases where we do not receive a reasonable outcome, one set of amended forms will be completed at no additional charge

We are your complete solution from beginning to end.

Fee Schedule Per Quarter:

Fee Schedule Per Quarter

# of Covered Employees Cost
1 $500
2 $750
3 $1,000
4 $1,250
5 $1,500
6 $1,700
7 $1,900
8 $2,100
9 $2,300
10 $2,500
11 $2,650
12 $2,800
13 $2,950
14 $3,100
15 $3,250
16 $3,400
17 $3,550
18 $3,700
19 $3,850
20 $4,000

In cases with more than 20 employees, the cost is $4,000 plus an additional $100 for each additional employee over 20.

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