How to amend Form 941 Chicago Illinois

How to amend Form 941 Chicago Illinois: Quarterly Withholding Tax Return

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The form used for this is the 941X.

The 941X or amendment form for the federal 941 is one of the most confusing and difficult federal forms to complete. It requires us to show the tax totals filed on the original 941 form, the new totals as adjusted, as well as the changes in between the two sets of totals in detail. This is hard to complete successfully because the change must be based upon existing tax law and the compliance principles as proscribed by The IRS. The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t simply rubber stamp and accept these, especially if you are seeking a refund. Most are not accepted by The IRS because they do not include a reasonable explanation for the change. It can’t be based upon a reason such as, “just because you want a refund.”


941 form amendments are also rejected by the IRS because the accounting is done incorrectly. You actually have to know the proper way to complete a 941 and perform all of the accounting correctly in order to have one accepted. A great misconception of this new century is that you can get the accounting software to do a form correctly. Whatever software system that you are using is only as good as its operator. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can’t expect the software to magically become a degreed, experienced CPA that can do it correctly.


What’s the correct answer on how to amend form 941? Get some help. If you try to complete it yourself, you may just end up making things worse.

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