EIDL Loans Are Still Available For Some

The EIDL Loan is still available in 2022. In order to be eligible, a business must qualify as follows.

1 – It must have already received an EIDL Loan and want to do either a loan modification or an increase. These loans are now funded up to $2M.

2 – Or a business must have been declined previously for an EIDL. These companies can still work with the SBA to secure the loan.

The EIDL is no longer available to companies that haven’t already applied.

If you qualify, the SBA would have sent you several emails which included a link to access the pages needed to either increase the loan or work on a declination. You may also access further information at the following web address.


Let me leave you with this.

I was one of those kids who grew up in Chicago in the late sixties and early seventies. That’s right. I’m 28, just like the rest of you.

I was a kid who did the pledge of allegiance with my right hand over my heart most mornings. Then, they’d march us single file downstairs, to the basement to do a nuclear drill.

It’s still hard to believe that anyone thought that sitting on the floor of a basement would save us from a nuclear holocaust.

I sat on the edge of the sofa watching our 9 inch black-and-white tv as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I also saw the guys coming back from Viet Nam with citizens spitting on them and the fall of Saigon.

I learned to love the guys who fought, and hate the war. Not just that one, but all of them.

I went to Latin School and worked with my Mother through the ’78 – ’81 depression. Next came college, but somehow along the way America changed.

We became a country that identifies as either Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, left or right. America changed, but I didn’t. At 55, I’ve now lived through a substantial portion of America’s 240 years, and I’ve seen the unbelievable.

Mass shootings of our citizens with lawmakers sitting on their hands, comes to mind. Terrorists flying planes into the Twin Towers and the 20 year war that followed, ending in a dishonorable retreat. Cities looted and citizens rioting, pillaging their own neighborhoods.

Now we have climate change and a pandemic that will forever change our lives. This, ahead of a new set of elections that will again feature the loudest and angriest of voices, further tearing us apart. We face the same problems as other generations, but we haven’t learned from history.

Maybe I’m just an eternal optimist, but I have to believe that we can do better.

In the months leading up to the elections, let’s see what we can do to change the dialogue. We’re all leaders in our communities.

When we see anger, let’s be the calm in the storm. When we see division, let’s promote unity. When we see doubt and apprehension, let’s show hope in a future that has no bounds, for this is still the America of my childhood.

She’s the same, she just took a wrong turn. Let’s get her back on the true path.

We’re all going to get through this. Let’s get through it together.

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Sincerely yours,

Chris Amundson
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