Why Businesses Choose To Incorporate In Delaware

Delaware may be the second-smallest state in the union, but it has long been a strong choice for incorporations. We get a lot of questions in reference to this.

Although we aren’t attorneys, and cannot provide legal advice, here are a couple of issues to consider. Prior to making any decisions in this regard, please consult the attorney of your choice.

A Business-Friendly Court System

Delaware boasts a Court of Chancery which is a separate court system just for corporate issues. This system is widely respected by business and legal experts as a place where corporate rules are well defined.

This leads to a predictability in case law that protects owners, investors, and corporations. The problem is that if you’re a small business owner based in Illinois or whatever other state, you’re not going to get sued in a Delaware court.

As such, incorporating in Delaware probably won’t help any potential legal issues.

A Reputation For Lower Taxes

Delaware does provide some smaller tax incentives for businesses, but its corporate income tax rate is 8.7%. It may have a reputation for lower taxes, but in reality they’re rather high.

It’s certainly true that 60% of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware, but they have locations there and can take advantage of its legal system. I can only wish that we could find a Cook County Judge who could reach a decision with a map, a seeing-eye dog, a Sherpa Guide, and a compass.

Let me leave you with this.

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