IBT Number – How To Find Your IDOR Business Tax Number Chicago Illinois

Your Illinois Business Tax Number  Chicago Illinois or what is more commonly known as a Sales Tax Number is an eight digit number usually hyphenated in the middle. If you have one, it will be on any of the letters sent to your business from The Illinois Department of Revenue. If correspondence from the Department has your Federal Employer Identification number on it instead, then you may not have an IBT Number in the first place. Just because your entity is legally set up to do business inside the State of Illinois does not mean that automatically you already have a number.


You may certainly call the Central Registration Division of The IDOR at (217) 785-3707 and ask them if you have been registered. It is quite common for businesses to not be registered. The attorneys that set up entities, are generally only concerned with the legal aspects of forming an entity. The taxation aspects are normally left to the accountants. If you do not have one, you will need to file Form REG-1 in order to receive one.


This may require some assistance. If you fill it our incorrectly, the Department will be looking to collect taxes that you will not be expecting to file and remit. When they do not receive those forms, it will create difficulties and possibly penalties. If you need assistance with IBT Number – How To Find Your IDOR Business Tax Number Chicago Illinois, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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